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Review of bloom energy 2019: an important year

Date:2020/1/13 14:47:51 Click:

January: with ske & C, we announced three new projects in South Korea with an installed capacity of 7.8mw, which will directly supply power to the State Grid and more than 15600 households.

February: the first on-site biogas solution was launched in the landfill, and the 50 kW bloom energy server has been running and generated clean and renewable base load power for the local grid.

March: 80th microgrid installed in extreme networks

In the United States alone, the Eaton blackout tracker solved 3526 urban power projects in 2017

April: deployment of energy servers for an urban community in Alhambra, Los Angeles

June: shared a function of using renewable hydrogen to run energy servers

July: Duke energy's subsidiary invested $250 million in our technology

August: launched AlwaysOn micro grid solution

September: announced a new partnership with Samsung to build fuel cell powered ships, Bloom's installed capacity on land is generally less than 5MW - and each ship uses power ranging from 19 to 100MW.

October: work with calbio to turn dairy waste into renewable energy